Incorporating Best Practice into your Business

L.I. Jaye & Co encourages successful business management through the implementation of Best Practice methods. Best Practices can be defined as the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing a task, based on repeatable procedures that have proven themselves over time. Management should be fully acquainted with all facets of the business and have a solid business plan. A pre-determined business model, incorporating Best Practices, should be followed to facilitate the development and growth of the business.

For successful business management, it is essential that business and associated records are kept up to date and in a clear and concise format.
The records should always be presented in a way that is easy to follow as they can be required by people such as financiers, bankers, tax agents auditors and lawyers.


A business can perform at its optimum if all staff are adequately trained for their role, have clear job descriptions and are accountable for their work. Staff perform best when they are motivated, have direction and when high morale is present within the organisation. Successful business management and Best Practices go hand-in-hand and provide the foundations for a thriving business.